Since my husband and I participated in your karmic release and auric cleanse session our lives have changed. Our marriage has improved. Our love, tolerance, respect and relationship has blossomed. We’ve also released relationships that are no longer conducive to our energies and things are improving for us as a partnership and family unit. I am so grateful to you. You are an amazing Spiritual conduit. I am excited and eager to take part in more of your sessions and also know you have been a tremendous light in our lives. Thank you, so much!”Viviana

“Imran was very quick in getting back to me, and the shifts have been wonderful. I really encourage you to work with Imran if you are really wanting changes and you want a real authentic life. If Imran and his work reasonates on any level with you, then reach out and ask him for his help. You will not regret it. I know I haven’t it. He is a very old soul that has come back into this life to make big waves. Grab one before it is too late. Thanks Imran, you rank awesome in my book!”L, Los Angeles

“After a particularly vivid dream, I reached out to Imran to better determine its source and intent, and we scheduled a one-on-one phone session to discuss my needs. I’d worked with him previously to complete the Rapid Acceleration package, and felt a high degree of comfort working with him. My phone session was exactly what I needed to sort out all the new experiences I’d been having in the prior weeks. Rather than spoon feeding you answers you want to hear, Imran provides tools which strengthen your direct connection to the Higher Self. I think of him as a spiritual coach/doctor/counselor all in one, and really resonate with the clarity and kindness in his work. If you need a flexible, personalized way to improve your spiritual practice, talk to Imran. If you have a desire to improve yourself at the highest levels, then Cellular Enlightenment was created for YOU…”Danilo

“Thank you for pointing me in the direction of thanking myself. I admit I was skeptical, but I felt/saw things using the mantra (first one I’ve used btw!) that have shown me the power of intention, transmutation, and faith.. I am a constantly shifting being, yet I was able to understand the force of the shift from a different perspective that allowed me to feel empowered, feel bliss, own my own ability and take charge of my own protection and my own being. I am forever grateful and can’t wait for the next two sessions! Bless you and myself for this opportunity!””Malysa

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