Release Activations

Release Activations (1-7)

Cost:By Love Donation
Time: 22mins long each

Release activations are designed to allow all that is not in resonance with your divine immortal blueprint to fall away like leaves off a tree in the autumn. Release assists one in being more present by highlighting memories and mental image pictures that keep one stuck in the past. Release allows the identities that have been programmed to replace the authentic and divine self to come into awareness and provides the opportunity to let go and move beyond identities and simply BE once more.

The process to remembering who we truly are is not a process of learning, but a choice to let go of all that does not serve our soul, and to choose to fulfill what we came here to do by simply choosing to be ourselves. Release was created to highlight the contracts (lease) that keep us enslaved and asleep and allow us to re-write (re-lease) our choices so that we can truly activate and live the life we chose to live.

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