Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions are a space for me to offer a reflection of your divinity, which allows you to access a greater level of truth and understanding about yourself and from within. The beauty of sessions is that there is no set plan or topic before going into a session which opens up the potential for us to play, understand, discover, and explore things we may have never even thought about before, and opens us up to seeing things from a new perspective.

Healing sessions are not about “me” healing “you”, but rather holding a space of healing, where our own divinities guide and heal us both through each-other during the session.

If you are seeking clarity, understanding or direction, I am here to support and empower you. My purpose in healing sessions is not to do the work for you and “heal” you, but to give you tools and share my understanding, perspective, and awareness so that you are empowered to heal yourself. If I am doing my job correctly you will need less and less support from me. The goal of my work is to assist you in strengthening your own source connection, so that the support and energy in your life comes from your connection to source, instead of other people, things, and external illusions.

Cost:$100 per hr

Sessions are done via skype or in person.

Consultation is required prior to your first healing session.

Initial Consultation is $33 for 30min

Contact me to book your consultation.