Healing Session:
No drugs, alcohol, or plant medicine 72hrs prior to session.

Custom Containers and Courses:
No drugs, alcohol, plant medicine, or tobacco during the entire duration of container and 2 weeks prior. Using drugs, alcohol, plant medicine or tobacco during container will result in immediate failure of course and container will be closed with no refund.

If any substances are taken in between courses or technologies in a progression, you’re progress will be reset and you must begin again from the first course or session in the progression.

Payment Policies:
Payments due 12pm est Monday.
Late payments incur $20 late fee due by following Monday 12pm est. Amount is not deducted from sheet.
If late fee not received by the following Monday, another $20 fee is incurred. This happens indefinitely until paid on time unless given written or verbal waiver.
Payments more than 3 days (72hrs) late will receive a strike on the account. 1 strike is slap on the wrist. 2 strikes is warning. 3 strikes is a ban from working with me in this lifetime.

If you are having financial issues please let me know.

Late Policy:
For healing sessions, if you are more than 5mins late to your session time, healing session will be done as an energy session.

If you have any questions about any of these policies please contact me and clarify as all of these policies are strictly enforced. Your understanding and awareness of them is crucial to your success.