DNA Activations


The DNA Activation series is a series of codes designed to clear and update the DNA

The Auric Clearing, Jehovian Seal Removal, and Karmic Imprint Removal Sessions are designed to clear old energies, programs, identities, personas, implants, seals, thoughtforms, entities etc. from the energy field. They work by going to the source of these issues which is the energetic code/scalar wave patterns in our multi-dimensional body.

The Golden DNA Activations (three of them) work sequentially to bring higher templates and blueprints into resonance with the DNA. This process works not only with physical DNA, which is the holographic code for our physical experience, but works with 12 strands of DNA, which works with various aspects of our multi-dimensional experience. As we bring more light into our 12strand DNA template, many levels of our experience are effected and enlightened; our physical body, and experiences in physical reality, our experience on an emotional level, the nature of our thoughts, and most significantly our spiritual awareness and energetic wellbeing.

These activations were designed to do in sequence, meaning, in the order: Auric Clearing, J-Seal Removal, Karmic Imprint Removal, and the Golden DNA Activation Sessions. This order allow for maximum efficiency for each part of the process. By removing entities and thoughtforms, and the energetic seals and implants, the karmic imprint session works on a deeper level. And by clearing all the layers of karmic imprints and clearing the energy field of entities and discordant thoughtforms, the Golden DNA Activation sessions have more space to bring in more light.

For more information about each session please read the individual descriptions.

Auric Clearing
Jehovian Seal Removal
Karmic Imprint Removal
Golden DNA Activation