Unlike most courses where you are “taught” information and are given content to study and choose to or not to apply, these courses are based on utilizing various practices and learning through direct experience. My role in these courses is not to “teach”, but to hold a space and offer support for your own personal process and to give you access to technology and tools to do so at a much accelerated rate.

The daily exercises are the backbone of the course as they are what give you the opportunity to commit time and energy to yourself and your own spiritual practice. Your own success is entirely dependent on your own committed effort and ability to ask for assistance when needed.

The key to integrated spiritual growth is in what we do daily. As we grow and give time to expand and nurture our spirit daily, we build a solid foundation. Instead of just peaking into transcendental states we can build a foundation so that we can live in more and more expanded states each day.

Neural Enlightenment