Codes and Activations

All of reality is made up of code. Each lesson we learn and experience we have is simply an exchange of codes and expansion and exploration of various aspects of creation. Each of these codes are simply technologies that harness the power of this truth by working directly with these codes outside of space and time, not needing any physical lens or experience to filter or transmit the information, allowing for a fast, fun and easy ascension process and extremely graceful and easy way to transcend outdated games so that we can come back into the spirit of play and make earth the playground it was always destined to be.

All Activations are done on Love Donation, simply receive the activation and give whatever amount you feel called from your heart as a balance <3

Activations Offered:



Cellular Enlightenment

Integral Presence

Emotional Integration Codes

Celestial Sexuality Codes

DNA Activations

Please go to Activation Station for all activations not found on this website. Most of the prerequisites needed for courses and activations are found on and can be requested and will be completed by our team at Activation Station.