Activations are encoded streams of information which highlight certain aspects of your consciousness.
Each activation focuses on a unique aspect of your consciousness, expanding your awareness, and providing you with new potentials and choices. All activations work in alignment with your own source connection and are interfaced by your divinity, so they are each tailored to your specific purpose, potential and destiny.

The beauty of activations is that there is no content, as it is an energetic technology. They work directly with your light body and each activation gives you access to codes that stay with you throughout eternity. They work with you through all lifetimes past, present, and future. Each one stays with you through eternity, and as such can take lifetimes to fully integrate the codes as they all work in alignment with your highest personal good and joy and are received through your own source connection.

Activations Offered:


Cellular Enlightenment


Integral Presence

I also offer all Series 1, Wildfire, and Creator Codes activations listed on Activation Station