To be of service…

To be of service is not just in intention, but is made manifest through action

And its effectiveness gauged through impact

To be of service, I must stop giving into the voices of fear

The voices that sing the story of smallness

To be of service I must have the courage to bare myself

To the world, and free myself of the chains of self-judgement

The fear of judgement of others, and the fear of disapproval

Seek to simply enslave and keep one small

To act in fear, and in response to the forces that work against you is to empower them

To share with love and vulnerability takes courage

But each act of service, and each act of authentic expression

Bears fruits that feed all, and bring joy to the world

The gifts you’ve been given must be distributed to all

Before more gifts can be received

For the chalice must be empty to be filled

And must be poured to become empty


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