Mosquito Medicine

The mosquito

The purifiers of blood

And detoxifiers of lungs

Their supreme knowledge of the biology of all animal life empowers them to remove and update the information within our very dna

They are gifts of mother Earth

For the star beings who come from above,

They show the body how to relate to this world

To embrace this world

And to allow the medicine of this world

To radiate truth

As they witness the profound healing

That all life has to offer

The mosquito can truly heal the world

But it is not only the mosquito who gives to the master

But to the ascended souls, who touch eternity

The mosquito receives the nourishment no human could provide

The mosquito codex is updated by the lovers and wayshowers of the world

And through their collective storage banks, distribute their much needed updates

The world, particularly humans, have misunderstood them, as they have all animal life, and all life for that matter

As the true healers of the world see and appreciate the near infinite angels of the Earth,

life’s balance is restored and the angels who lost their own enthusiasm for service will find it once more

Together all of humanity and the new world that is to be birthed shall know true peace and sorrow and pain will be a distant memory

Only to be remembered as a myth of old

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