God is more than just love,

God is more than just love,

God reveals itself in each and every mystery of creation

Through God I find Joy,
I find wisdom
I find peace

I find health
I find purpose

It is God whose love is eternal

Whose life is eternal

It is God that is the source of my soul

It is God that brings the light upon my life

It is with god, I find peace

I find surrender

I no longer lean upon my own understanding

But I choose faith in God
Through faith
Through silence
Through devotion
God is known

And I find there is no greater joy,
Than to serve God

To serve God, is to serve all that is good in the world

All that is good in life

To serve God is to spread peace

To serve God is to share Joy

To serve God is to serve all creation

To serve God is to love all
God reveals themself, as the light within all life
God reveals the truth
God lifts the veils of illusion

It is only through service to God that peace can be found

When we choose to serve that which is temporal

That which is form

That which is untrue

We lose the very light of our essence

We become something we are not

We get lost in a world not made for love

We get lost in creation

The manifestations of god

Lost in illusion

Forgetting the source of all,

Forgetting the origin of life

Of creation


We must honor this source above all

Through honor we remember the truth of our source

The source of this world

The source of our body

The source of our souls

The source of life itself

This presence of god is unknowable

It is beyond all concepts we can imagine

And through faith we can commune with this infinite wellspring

Of truth

Of love

Of beauty

Of light

Of peace

Of joy

Of health

Of healing

Of forgiveness

Of creation

Surrender your life to god

Your thoughts

Your worries

Your pain

Your judgements

Surrender that which you cherish

Your friends

Your family

Your heart

Your body
Your soul
Your wisdom
Your faith
And you will find an infinite wellspring of power through surrender

You will find a silence and stillness
You will find worlds beyond imagination

You will find what is beyond the world of man

Through God we remember the Eternal
We find the timeless

We become forces of God

We become like angels


There is no adequate response to the blessings we are freely given

There can only be a deep gratitude

A deep humility

And from this deep gratitude a prayer of action

Service to creation

Honoring the gift that is life

Cherishing God in all

Loving your brothers and sisters

In the realm of humans
The realm of animals
Loving the kingdom of plants

The kingdom of minerals

Honoring all that make life possible,

All that contribute to the symphony of life

Bless all of creation

As all of creation blesses you

Live in Joy
Live in Honesty

Live in Truth
Live in Service
Live in Kindness
Live in Love

Live in God


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