Divine Mother Poem

Divine mother,
you have blessed me with your love
with life
with all that noruishes my body
And my soul
Forgive me for my forgetfulness
for when I have forgotten what you’ve done for me
for when my eyes were clouded
by the veils of illusion
forgive my dishonor,
my lack of gratitude
I have no excuse for my lies
Only forgiveness of myself
Only the love I can muster
Only the gratitude I can share
and deep respect
and even these are only possible because of you

I cannot help but see you everywhere I look
I cannot help but notice your hands,
your fingers dipped in the waters of creation
Your eyes lovingly gazing,
through the eyes of all souls

what can I say except that I am grateful
I want to be my very best to respect this gift of life you’ve given me
I know I will fall at times
I will make mistakes
and I know you will forgive me
All I wish is to honor the gifts I’ve been given
All I wish is that I can be a gift in the lives of others
All I wish is to be a humble servant

The gifts you’ve given can never be truly repaid for they are beyond compare
Please accept my efforts and guide me
Help me to do all that I can to serve creation
Let me be hollow
Let me serve no master save divine
Let me surrender to all that is good


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