To care for yourself is to care for the divine

To care for yourself is to care for the divine
Each act of self care is an act of service


Our soul is the temple in which God comes to reside
We care for the temple of our soul with self love,
With virtue
With honesty
With goodness
With joy
And most of all love
Our body is the temple of our soul
We care for the temple of our body
With tenderness
With understanding
With kindness
With balance
With peace
And most of all love


Self care in service to the illusions of the world is vanity
The same actions of care that feed the soul
Without purity of intention
Poison the soul
And Rot the body
To serve the false gods of vanity, of greed,
The need for approval and the fear of judgement
These motivations conceal the truth
They enslave the soul
And bind one to the limits of time

The soul forgets
Its own origin
Its own creator
Its own source of nourishment
Of love
Of approval
Of peace
And so desperately seeks for god in that which is unreal


It is through grace,
Through an honest cry for help
Through the power of gratitude
The power of love
The power of goodness
The power of joy
The power of forgiveness
That memory is restored

It is through grace that the adventure of life comes to be
For without the grace of forgetfulness
How can we experience the grace of memory?
It is the grace of concealment that brings revelation

When one can see through the eyes of peace
We see that each moment is perfection
No matter what comes and what goes
Within each moment we are eternally unfulfilled
Yet each moment is also complete and whole

Our gift as humans upon this Earth is the gift of choice
For it truly is up to use to choose the Divine
In the eyes of God no choice is wrong,
Yet the path of consciousness and remembrance is a far cry from the
path of unconsciousness and forgetfulness

To live the path of life,
We must honor our creator
We must honor our own soul
We must honor our own bodies
We must honor all of life
For Life brings more Life

And Death brings Destruction

To Destroy the body is to destroy the gifts of life
To Destroy the soul is to spit poison into the waters of creation

Through forgiveness all can be healed
Through forgiveness we can begin anew
Through forgiveness we can honor life once more

And through grace, and the valiant and sincere effort of the soul
We can alchemize a new future for this Earth
And for all of creation to enjoy



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