Our true power lies in vulnerability. Vulnerability means that we accept ourselves completely. All parts of ourselves are embraced, and we act from a place of wholeness.

Vulnerability means that we are not hiding from ourselves. We see all of ourselves, and by doing so love ourselves.

Vulnerability is not about how we act, it is a state of being. It is a way of being.

Being vulnerable can be hard. In this world, there have been so many reasons for us to close ourselves. To create identities and act as if we are something other than what we are… We have been traumatized… we trained ourselves to be something or someone else so that we could stay safe.

As adults… as sovereign beings, we can now unwind and heal all the parts of us that have become fragmented. We can unlearn all of the programming that has shaped us into something that is not authentic and genuine and we can learn to be ourselves once more.

Vulnerability is about total honesty. It is accepting our limitations, accepting where we have room to grow, accepting and opening to the parts of ourselves we have locked away and by doing so we become more whole.

As we accept and allow, as we express and be witnessed for all parts of ourselves.. What we may label as “the good, bad, and ugly”… we gain true peace within ourselves….
Not a peace that is dependent on happiness, or a certain emotional state, but a peace that can hold within it all emotions.

Through vulnerability we can find true peace within ourselves. By being vulnerable we can find a groundedness and center that is not dependent on a future state of being, or a goal, or a specific outcome… but we find our center by being present with what is here and now, no matter what it looks like.

I always thought that to be a good example for others, to help others, to facilitate for others, that I always needed to fullfill this ideal image… not make mistakes, not show show my supposed “weaknesses” or expose the parts of me that simply were ignorant or not competent…. but recently I really truly realized that to be a good example, and to be an effective facilitator…. vulnerability is key.

People learn just as much if not more from your mistakes and supposed “weaknesses” as they do from what you do “right” and your supposed “stregnths”…

The truth is people learn the most when you are being ALL of you. and to put it simply, when you are just being YOU.

On my trip to Peru, I learned so much from the people that surrounded me and the level of transparency and vulnerability those around me that they had… I learned that true transparency and vulnerability is something that I can definitely work on, and just by admitting that I opened to a new level of understanding and acceptance of myself and others.

Real power can not come from control or manipulation.. We can not gain power through changing ourselves, putting on false masks, or through coersion.. That kind of power is an illusion of power, it is fleeting.

True power comes from acceptance and peace. It is a power that goes beyond words and concepts… it comes through understanding and through clarity. Through transparency, not only in communication but in our state of being and presence, we gain the power of our eternal essence, which is unmatched by any constructs of our mind.

I love you all! smile emoticon

Visual Art: Autumn Skye, Virtual Reality

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