Symbolic Reality

All of the worlds of form, physical reality included is a symbol.

Symbols are inherently meaningless. All of the world, all of reality is meaningless until we give it meaning.

Spirituality is about knowing who you are, losing identification with the meaning and symbols, and recognizing who we truly are: formless and devoid of meaning.

From the expansiveness and awareness of ourselves as a creator, we have the ability to create meaning in our lives with intention.

All models of viewing reality in the world are simply that: models for viewing reality. Whether it be a religion, a branch of science, some spiritual or meta-physical model of viewing the world, a subject we are taught in school etc… all these things are just filters for our consciousness to see through.

Disharmony and fear happen as a result of identification with these models… what I call games. Identifying with a role inside the game or the game itself is the source of all disharmony and separation in our world. Identification with games and identities is what causes judgement.

When you understand that all symbols are meaningless, the way people talk to you and the realities people create, you will see, are their unique ways of creating their reality and shaping their perception whether it is conscious or unconscious.

Now the beauty of intention is that we get to create our meaning for the neutral symbols in our reality. Which creates a feedback loop. The meaning we give to the symbols in the universe are ultimately the meaning we give to ourselves, as the universe is a holographic projection of our consciousness. When we zoom out and recognize that we are responsible for the creation of the models for reality and perception that generate our experience, we are free. Free to create whatever meaning we wish, to play within which ever models we choose, to hop in and out of realities, because we are not attached to any one way of seeing the world.

To me this is what unity is. It is the recognition of our true “identity”, or lack therof.

Ultimately it comes down to where we place our value. When we recognize that our value is who we ARE, as a spiritual being….. we recognize that we ARE the world we are perceiving around us.

but if we continue to place value on the illusions of this world, our environment, the circumstances, people, the problems of the world, we lose our ability to choose what value we give to the world. We become at the effect of the reality that we actually are creating.

The purpose of this message is to serve as a reminder that our intention has the ability to transform our worlds and give meaning to our reality no matter what is going on, on a physical or situational level.

As I write this message, I can talk about unicorns and rainbows and dragons… but through intention I can convey a message that is beyond the world of form and symbols.

As I write this, I could write for selfish purposes and regardless of what I write, it will not have much value to other people, but if I choose to write for the benefit of other beings regardless of what I write, there is a multi-dimensional meaning that can be conveyed.

Although the beginning of this post seems a bit theoretical and “out there”… this information can be used very practically.

In your daily life applying a deeper meaning to everyday symbols can transform your relationship to your world… It is the difference between a Baptism, and dunking someone under water…. Intention.

If you choose to define your car as a spaceship that allows you to travel between dimensions, it is so…. instead of drinking water, you are drinking liquid love that fills your body with joy… instead of writing with a pencil, you can be writing your reality into being… instead of mindlessly washing the dishes you can be washing away fear from the planetary grids.

A hammer is just a hammer… you could take the metal and melt it and make it into a knife, you could use the hammer to build a house, you could also kill someone with a hammer…. a hammer is just a symbol, and our intention, how we choose to use it, determines the reality that is created.

You can be as creative as you want because intention is abstract. It is a way of connecting physical and non-physical dimensions. It is the way of integrating who we are a spiritual being and who we are as a physical being if we choose it to be.

So try it out, before you do something, pause and ask yourself why you are doing what you’re doing. If you’re not content with that reason, then set a conscious intention and change the reason why you are doing what you are doing… and then flow wit it.

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