Divine Timing

There is divine timing for all things. The existence of divine timing births the idea of patience. For if we are to flow with divine timing, we must cultivate patience.

Divine timing is not an excuse to sit around and do nothing, for we must still take action. Divine timing is about listening to the flow of the universe, listening to the opportunities that are present around us, in our lives, and acting in response to what is present.

Divine timing is about efficiency. Eternal efficiency. The highest aspect of ourselves, the infinite.. call it god, the universe, our highest self, divinity… that part of us knows all. By definition it is infinitely more aware than we can consciously be. It is aware of our existence throughout eternity, beyond space and time, beyond even what we may consider beyond… beyond concepts, beyond no-concepts… It is this consciousness… god consciousness… that divine timing connects us to.

When we connect to the divine flow…. through listening to our hearts… through being present with each moment, and welcoming the opportunities each moment brings… we connect to the wisdom that is beyond our comprehension.

When we take action in our lives and create in alignment with our divinity, that which we create.. that which is created through us is eternal… Our destiny is not something we can force through us, it is not something that we, as personalities, can create. It is a gift that is birthed through us.

To me personally, anything that we do that is out of alignment with our divinity and destiny, creates karma… It creates footprints and unresolved energy that must be resolved either through cycles of action or divine grace… which brings me to free will..

We can use our free will to move outside of divine timing… we can act outside of our personal ethics (what we believe to be right for us personally), and move against the flow of the universe and destiny to create whatever we choose… we can use our free will to explore and dive deeper into illusionary aspects of ourselves… there is nothing “wrong” with using free will to live out of alignment with our divinity, but it does create consequences, that we must deal with… what many call karma.

When we are living in alignment with our divinity, we do not leave footprints. Living our destiny is like walking through a forest… “leave no trace”… when you walk through a forest there is always magically a pathway created by the earth that we can walk… it is intuitive the way that we walk through it… and when we walk in that way we end up in some really beautiful and powerful spots and are granted permission to enter into the natural vortexes of nature…

Our destiny is the same way… as we walk through life.. if we live intuitively.. following our hearts, and our ethics…. the universes intelligence guides us through our lives with grace and ease…

In a forest, we can take shortcuts to our destination… we can force our way through… taking a straight and direct path to a certain point… but in the process we destroy what is in our way, and we bring disharmony and imbalance into our environment… the plants and trees and animals must compensate for the mess we made, and rebuild and re-create harmony around us…

But when we walk with balance, in the flow of nature, and with mindfulness and respect… even if it takes us 100 times longer to get where we are going, we get there in harmony with what is around us… and instead of creating karma and imbalances we have to balance out later…. we create dharma, and bring beauty and nourishment to the space around us.

We cannot force our way through life. There is a lot of talk about manifestation and creating whatever it is you want in your life, and there is some truth to that… but the truth is we are already manifesting everything in our world… by opening our minds and listening with our hearts, we can discover why we have created what is around us and learn what we need to learn to expand and grow spiritually.

All things happen in perfect timing if we allow, and live in alignment with divinity. Our souls have their seasons…. Pick a fruit off a tree too early or too late, and you will be disappointed. Such is life.

I love you all. This message has been a constant reminder for me since getting back from Peru. I know what my gifts are and have had visions and downloads of what specifically I am here to do, and my heart has a longing to express and share those gifts. There has been some frustration in me, because no matter how “hard” I “try”…those gifts are not ready to be shared yet. I am not fully ready, nor is the planet ready. There is a time when those gifts will be ripe for the pickin’… but that time is not now. So I have been learning to be patient, and to enjoy the gifts that are in front of me right now… and to share other gifts that ARE ready, like writing here on this page.

As my good friend and teacher Jason always says… “do the best with what you have and the rest will take care of itself”. Easy as that smile emoticon

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