There are some massive planetary shifts happening right now. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you I know exactly whats going on, because I don’t…. As far as I’m concerned whats “actually” happening is really up to us and how we choose to perceive whats happening.

One thing that is true for me, and that I have observed, is that we are all being faced with challenges. Challenges are catalysts for phases of rapid expansion and growth… and for that we can be grateful. Whether we are experiencing physical illness or pain, or our reality is crumbling before us, or we are experiencing emotional and mental stress and discomfort… all of these challenges can be the catalysts for growth and signs we are indeed growing and expanding.

True spiritual growth doesn’t always look like the way we “want” it to look like, or what a lot of people think it looks like. Its not always “pretty”, or what I commonly call “fluff and bunnies”. The more rapidly we grow and expand, the more epic our challenges become. We are forced to place our value back on the eternal aspects of our being, and withdraw our value from what is impermanent.

If we are truly committed and dedicated to our spiritual growth, and committed to remembering ourselves on deeper and deeper levels, we are tested on deeper and deeper levels.

As we strive to connect with our source of love within us, the illusions of love and our sources of love outside of us begin to crumble. When we strive to find our source of safety within us, all the illusions of safety, external comfort and our false sense of temporary safety is brought to our awareness for us to face and learn from.

As I wrote in my last post… our reality has no inherent meaning… …. it is our instrument, our mind which allows us to perceive meaning and create our world.

So when challenges appear in life, and you are tested…. when you limits are stretched and your foundational perception and belief structures are shook up…. be grateful. You can choose to attribute a meaning to what is happening that empowers your own process of growth, and see challenges as boosts to your growth, instead of blocks.

I’m sure here on facebook you are reminded a lot of this simple truth, but I will say it again, because it is truly one of the most powerful tools we have…. and that is gratitude.

Be grateful…. it is as simple as pausing for a moment….. and expressing gratitude… doesn’t matter how. Sometimes I sing songs, and set my intention to express gratitude. Sometimes I play video games and make my intention gratitude with each level that I beat, sometimes I just silently express gratitude for all that is in my life, and sometimes out loud….

The code of gratitude restores purity to all that it touches. It helps us to remember the perfection that is inherent in all of creation. When we are grateful for things we have resistance to and don’t understand, gratitude has the power to help us to understand and see things from an elevated perspective.

I am grateful for you all, and this opportunity to be of service and to share my words, my love, and my awareness with all of you. I am grateful for all of you reading this and grateful for the amazing people I have met and connected with through this page. I am grateful to be able to give back to life, and am grateful for all that life has given me. I am grateful for all that I learn from each one of your reading this.

I will be gone for the next month on a trip and will not be using the internet at all. So I want to wish you all a wonderful August. May we all continue to touch the world with beauty. *hugs*

P.S. i am opening to support for my trip to peru and have a gofundme page where you can read about the trip and help out if you feel called. Here’s a link smile emoticon thank you!

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