Drugs and Sovreignty

It is time…. I’ve hesitated to talk about seemingly “controversial” topics, and in general have stuck with posting about things that everyone can understand and that doesn’t trigger the crap out of people, but I am being asked to speak up, and express authentically no matter what the “cost”. The things that trigger us the most are usually where the most expansion lies 😉

That being said I’d like to talk about psychedelics, drugs, plant medicine etc…

In my journeys through life I have indeed worked with psychedelics. In my earlier years they were my first glimpses outside of the illusions of this world and outside of cultural programming. The spaces in my consciousness that psychedelics took me to, allowed me to learn more and more about the nature reality and my own mind… and for that I am grateful.

Psychedelics have been used for ages as tools to access frequencies not necessarily readily available on this planet. In essence they are mediums for various beings from other realities and planets to connect to earth and assist the earth in her ascension process (amongst other things hehe).

But now… things are different. The planet has access to a new planetary grid system which allows us access to these frequencies without having other entities “take” us there. Instead of taking drugs/medicine and using our vessels to house the spirits of other entities, which may very well be highly evolved, we are being called to be authentic, to be ourselves, to allow our vessels to be expressions of our own essence… Which leads to the real subject matter…

Dependence vs. Sovereignty.

hands down, psychedelics can take us temporarily into other dimensions, and cause significant temporary expansion…. but, it requires another entity to take us there… and this comes as at a cost. Instead of finding the energy inside of us, which takes time, commitment, and significant effort… we can give our power away to another entity to take care of us, and do it for us….

When we do this we create an agreement/ contract with another entity.. we say, here, you can use my body, a little bit of my power and essence, in exchange for this temporary awareness. The more we use medicine or drugs, we give these entities more and more of our power, in exchange for more of these temporary bursts of awareness, or feelings of joy or whatever it is we get from the experience.

For me personally, my body is encoded specifically for “me”, my divinity and my own essence to animate it…. so when other beings animate my body and I use my body, in essence, to channel various entities… it takes a toll on my physical body, and alters my DNA and cellular encoding.

Since I quit taking psychedelics, I have been reversing this process, and recoding my body with energies from my divinity, and claiming my power back and completing contracts with the multitude of entities I was working with.

I have definitely learned a lot from my experiences, but in my time committed to using various spiritual technologies, meditations, and assistance from others… I have made tremendous progress and instead of peaking into expanded states, I live my life daily in states of consciousness and with awareness, that in the past I could only “peak” into. Instead of using my foundation as fuel to give to entities to blast me into higher dimensions, I work on my foundation every day, so I live in a “higher” dimension each day.

There is nothing “wrong” or “bad” about using drugs/medicine and relying on other entities for a source connection, but it is simply not the way to become more sovereign and empowered… There are many human teachers beyond just psychedelics who disempower others, making them reliant on their information or energy.. This dynamic plays out in many ways, from relationships to corporations, the government, intimate relationships, friendships etc. Where we give up a part of ourselves, our authenticity, in order to get a certain outcome, whether it be money, a level of awareness, physical “stuff”, a specific relationship, external approval, external emotional comfort, external security.. etc…. we become disempowered.

Sovereignty is about being empowered… It is about having your own connection to source within, getting to a place where your knowledge and wisdom comes from within, and your connection to that knowledge is not dependent on any external source.
not to say just magically we find everything within us without any help… but the help we receive empowers us to find our own connection within instead of relying on another entity.

I’m not saying that we will ever just magically no longer be dependent on anything (as it is an infinite process), but the difference is the direction of our momentum and the direction of the path we take… are our actions and choices allowing us to become more free and sovereign, or more enslaved and dependent?

My purpose on the planet is assisting others in finding their own source connection and empowering others… I don’t use psychedelics anymore, and I also don’t work with people who do… not because I judge them or don’t love them, but because of my destiny and my purpose. It is simply the reality that I choose to live in and create, but I have no expectation or desire to convince anyone else to be a part of it, I simply live in it with an open invitation to those who share the same vision, and complementary purposes.

That being said, life is about finding enjoyment… at times our spirit has fun getting lost in the illusions and becoming disempowered and forgetting…. and sometimes our spirit is in a cycle of enjoying remembering, breaking free from the self-imposed illusions, and being empowered and sovereign once more. There are no right or wrong choices, just choices with consequences, and if we enjoy our choices and their consequences, and living from our hearts.. that is all that matters.

I am happy to be sharing info that I know not everyone will be receptive to, but it feels damn good to share from my heart without so many filters. Peace ya’llz

Visual Art: Fabián Jiménez: Rite of Passage (farboart.com)

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  1. Gregory Malone

    Imran my bro! The piece you wrote really resonates and I’m so grateful to you for sharing. I have been using plant medicines–namely cannibis for a few years now as my guide and faithful servant along my spiritual journey. Without denying their benefits to many who use them, I no longer feel I necessarily need to even try ayahuasca or other entheogens like I once believed and I’m grateful to learn others whose work I admire, like yourself, Graham Hancock and Preston Smiles–no longer do either.

  2. Damien

    Hey dude, I dropped a message on the FB regarding entities. I’d love for you to go into specific on what you consider entitities and if you’d open up to specifically how these entities have effected you I’d greatly appreciate it. Cheers.

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