Eternal Commitment

When make a commitment to be authentic, to be ourselves, to be sovereign, and to live in alignment with our destiny and our mission here, we must first highlight all that is inauthentic, enslaved, and living out of alignment with our destiny and our mission.

In my own personal journey, after I really made being authentic the priority in my life, everything got really difficult at first. I always thought that the more aware i became the easier things would get, that with more responsibility and insight, i’d know more and things would be less chaotic externally.

but the truth is, the more we expand and grow the more we are faced with challenges. We are faced with aspects of ourselves long forgotten. When we choose to be authentic we can no longer run from any parts of ourselves, they all come up to integrated.

Without commitment, or without any real effort or expansion… life is easy… Its easy to just chill at a level of consciousness that is “comfortable” to expand till a point, and just stop…. you stop getting tested, you’re no longer pushed to expand and grow…

When you make every day a day to expand and grow, and you commit to yourself and your own practice for expansion its not always easy… Commitment is something that has been a bit undervalued … I’m not talking about commitment to a person, a job, or anything like that, but a commitment to our spirit… A commitment to ourselves in the highest form. It is commitment and daily effort that will build a foundation for us to expand.

As we follow through with our commitment to ourselves, we get to understand ourselves on deeper and deeper levels. As a new layer of understanding comes about ourselves, the way that we interact and navigate with the world must change as a result.

Our awareness is like a template, as we become aware of new things, our actions, thoughts, feelings, and entire way of interfacing with reality shift, and the way that reality interfaces with us also changes.

The only way we can come more into alignment with our divinity, is by understanding that which is out of alignment. To transcend any level of consciousness, we must first understand it fully…

The journey into authenticity and divinity, is at first a journey of understanding the personality, identities, personas, and the inauthentic versions of us…as we bring light to aspects of our consciousness that remained hidden, aspects of our consciousness we identified with…. we begin to understand these aspects of ourselves as an observer and we begin to understand who we truly are beyond these fragmented aspects.

When we work to master an instrument or skill, it takes great commitment, along each step of the way we are tested, we hit plateaus, we ask ourselves if its worth it to continue, we will be faced with many challenges, but if we really commit to mastery and nothing less, all of these things are gifts along the way, propelling us into mastery.

Our spirit is the same way. To truly know thyself and have mastery over the body and mind takes a commitment, a commitment that spans beyond a lifetime of effort, but an eternal commitment.

For me personally, I cannot imagine anything more valuable than who I AM. Nothing is more valuable than truth… To the divine observer all else is but an illusion, a cosmic painting created in the blink of an eye.

When align our free will, our choices, and use this gift of choice to align with who we truly are, our divinity… and we commit to remember who we truly are…. life becomes more magical. Not always “easier”, but life can be a vehicle for true fulfillment, adventure, and real joy.

There are pretty shiny shiny’s everywhere in this world, but commitment is the key to not getting lost in the distractions, and stabilizing a pathway back to remembrance smile emoticon

Art: Hyperspace Nectar by Fabian Jimenez (farboart.com)

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  1. Yolanda

    Imran, this was the first post read,introducing you to me. You commitment and reflections mirror mine. I really appreciate your vulnerability and yes, resonance. Blessings to you and best wishes for your new website. Keep strong in bringing the light. Thanks!

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