Imran Hossain is a composer, arranger, performer and producer. He is a multi-instrumentalist and singer. To Imran, music is a vehicle for healing, transformation and growth. The most important part of music to him is intention and the message of music. Imran has professionally worked as a meditation teacher, facilitator, and healer, working with people all over the world.

Imran’s universality and diversity as a being is reflected musically in his training, interests and creations. Imran grew up singing and arranging Indian songs for his community. He was trained in piano, violin, Indian classical singing, and tabla. As a teenager Imran mostly taught himself guitar, bass, and drumset. He was accepted as a vocalist for Governors Honors Program in high school, where he sang and explored choral music along with All-State choir for 4 years. After high school he was accepted to University of North Texas on a full scholarship for Jazz Vocal Performance. After a year and a half he left school to pursue his own musical visions and spiritual exploration, after which he started his own healing practice, and business selling healing art.

Imran’s music transcends genre and is an expression of his global interests and training. Groove and improvisation are foundations for his music and the influences range from Jazz, Funk, Indian Classical music, Peruvian folk songs, Qawalli, Native American Chants, Reggae, Hip Hop, Psydub, Downtempo, and House. The thread that ties these influences and styles together is the message and spiritual intention.

More than anything in life, Imran wishes to bring about healing and enlightenment using music and wishes to use all he receives to make the Earth a safe place for the righteous and humble and to create a future where humanity utilizes their full potential to be a force of goodness and holiness in this world and all others.